Legal assistace for factory workers in Kapashera

 Aider NGO does legal assistance, for homeworkers, factory workers and migrant labours.  We  have started  one Mahila chaupal in Kapashera, where we hear the grievances of female workers and try to find out the solution.

Mr Sandeep Mishra, a well known advocate of High court, visited  to deliver an informative lecture on legal issues, in Kapashera on 31st January.

 While legal awareness is the natural starting point for legal empowerment, it has often to be followed by legal assistance in actually accessing rights. This is especially so for marginalized sections whose protracted vulnerability makes access to justice particularly difficult. Legal assistance can range from legal advice and counseling, to representation in court through litigation. We provide the procedure  without fee for poor needy workers.

Female workers asked a lots of questions from Mr Sandeep Mishra and he provided the solution of all legal issues.

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